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Hello, everyone. This week we will finish up the first story in The Bond Series by JBG. This includes chapters 15 through 17.

Please consider joining us for the chat and watch-along this weekend. And if you have anything to say about this story in the series, comments are wonderful things. :)
Just a little reminder for tonight's chat at 9 pm ET. We've been reading the Bond Series by JBG, and tonight's episode will be Innocence (s02e14), the second parter to last week's Surprise. So, click on the link below and join us!
06 July 2014 @ 03:38 pm
It's time for the Sunday chat. Hope you can make it.
Reminder that we will be having our chat this evening. We've been reading The Bond Series by JBG and we will be watching Surprise (s02e13) which "celebrates" Buffy's seventeenth birthday.

Join us at 9pm US ET by clicking the link below:
Hi All,

We are continuing our reading of The Bond Series by JBG. This week we will be reading Chapters 11-14.

Feel free to leave comments below. Or join us for chat and discussion on our weekend chats, which have been more of a SoG writers support group more than anything else the last few weeks. So if you need some support, you know where to find us. :)
29 June 2014 @ 03:46 pm
Just a friendly reminder that we will have our afternoon chat at 4PM ET. Click the link below to join us.
Good evening. We will have our chat as scheduled tonight at 9pm.

This week we will be discussing chapters 6-10 of The Bond by JBG and watch Bad Eggs (since we didn't get around to it last week).

Click the link to join us. :)
Hi all, sorry for the lateness in getting this out. I actually have a valid excuse this week. I have pneumonia, so please forgive me. I've been trying to cough my lungs up for a few days.

Anyway, we'll continue reading The Bond by JBG. This week we'll read chapters six through ten.

Hope to see you on the chats this week.
22 June 2014 @ 03:42 pm
Hope you can join us for this afternoon's chat.
Just a friendly reminder that our chat and watch-along will start at 9pm ET tonight. We will be discussing the first 5 chapters of The Bond Series by JBG and watching the episode Bad Eggs (s02e12).

See you there.