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This week's fic is Split Perfection by Gabi, rating FRAO/NC-17.
          Summary: After a demon attack, Giles behaves differently... both of them!
          Setting: This is a rewrite of the episode The Replacement in Season 5. Instead of Xander getting hit by the demon and split in two, it was Giles.

I hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave commentary below and if you can, join us for the chat and watch-along if you can on Saturday evenings at 9PM Eastern Time (US).
15 November 2014 @ 08:53 pm
Please join us tonight to discuss Rari Cross's Love Heals All, and to watch the Season 3 episode Dead Man's Party at the link below.
Why do we look forward to Mondays? Because that means a new fic of the week! Ok, seriously, that was obnoxious and I apologise sincerely.

This week's fic is Love Heals All by Rari Coss, rating FRM/NC-17 and comes recommended to us by foreverbooks.
          Summary: Something is clearly wrong with Buffy as the result of Willow and the gang bringing her back from the dead, and it's not getting better. Giles tries to figure it out and make things right.
          Setting: Season 6, following Flooded.

We could always use fic recommendations. If you have a fic that's a fave, please let me or foreverbooks know in a private message or you could leave it in a comment below.
08 November 2014 @ 08:51 pm
Hi everyone! Tonight, we'll be discussing Koala's Matched Set, and kicking off season 3 of our watch-along with the episode Anne. Hope you can join us at
Happy Monday! This week's fic is Matched Set by Koala, rating FRT. It is an action adventure tale and fair warning: it's rather long for a one shot.
          Setting: Loose Season 5; Riley has left, Joyce is dead. It's Halloween, despite the timing.
          Summary: It's approximately a year since the events in "Restless". With Giles' help, Buffy has tried to overcome the darker aspects of her inherent Slayer powers, and as a result they have developed a very close bond. Buffy is ready to take their relationship to the next level, but ancient prophecy makes Giles think twice. It's a love that gets put to the test when evil comes knocking and Watcher and Slayer are hunted - quite literally - for their heads.
01 November 2014 @ 08:30 pm
Hello, everyone. I hope you had a great Halloween and that it was less eventful than mine. I had to rush my youngest to the ER in respiratory distress. No, he's not allergic to nuts or anything. We're not sure what triggered it, but man that was kinda scary. He's better now, no fret.

And tonight will be even better because we will discussing The Great Moppet Caper by Blood Bytes AND finish up season 2 by watching Becoming Part 2. Exciting evening! So please join us at:
Hi all,

Because this fic is rather long, we are going to take one more week to finish reading it. Here are the links again should you need them:

The Great Moppet Caper Part 1
The Great Moppet Caper Part 2
The Great Moppet Caper Part 3

If you have finished the fic and are looking for something else, check out: The Other Man by Froxyn, rating FRAO. I will warn that the main theme here is infidelity and I know that that can be a hot button with people, but it is a beautiful story about duty, falling in love, and, of course, guilt. And how that all plays out.
25 October 2014 @ 08:36 pm
Please join us for our weekly chat at 9PM ET. We will be discussing The Great Moppet Caper by Blood Bytes and watching another exciting episode in our watch-along. See you there!
Happy Monday, everyone! This week's fic is The Great Moppet Caper, by Blood Bytes rating FRAO/NC-17. Personally, I think this rating is a bit too high for this fic, but because that is how it is rated on the archive, it will be rated the same here.
          Summary: The relationship between Watcher and Slayer is rather strained. Buffy is in Rome, Giles in London. There is evil afoot and the two must come together to prevent the theft of a rather powerful artifact at a Council gala.
          Setting: Post series, no comics.

Please note there are no direct links from each section of the fic to the next section, so I am adding them here:

The Great Moppet Caper part 2
The Great Moppet Caper part 3

Just a reminder, please join us Saturday at 9pm Eastern Time (USA) for our weekly chat and watch-along.
19 October 2014 @ 06:16 pm
Hi everyone!

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