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08 April 2013 @ 08:12 am
Fic of the Week: Seeking Sanctuary by Pythia, Rating: PG/FRT  
Ok, new week, new fic. :)

This week we'll be reading Seeking Sanctuary by Pythia, Rating PG/FRT
    Summary: Buffy is troubled, lost, and drowning in despair. There is only one place for her to go. From the Author's Notes: This story is based on the idea that after Buffy died, and Giles went back to England, he sought escape from the guilt and the memories in the most remote place he could find. Which meant that Willow was unable to contact him when she called him to let him know that Buffy was back.
   Setting: Season 6 AU

Please leave your reviews, comments, thoughts in the comments below and join me on the chats this coming weekend. There was excellent discussion from everyone on the last week's fic. You guys are awesome! :)
Sally Ann: BG Every Claimharmony033 on April 14th, 2013 05:53 pm (UTC)
I can't join the chat today, unfortunately, but I have some comments on this week's fic...

First off, I love the word choices. Lovely descriptive words, truly vivid and emotionally provocative. I really appreciate interesting words.

Secondly, while this text was somewhat verbose, it was not terribly repetitive. Some thoughts and emotions were expounded upon and drawn out, but I felt it wasn't overdone or too flowery. Instead there was depth to the emotions and certainly no room for confusion on how they felt!

One of my favorite moments was when Giles was helping Buffy undress. The fact that they were so beyond self-conciousness with each other was a perfect transition for this new phase in their relationship. Plus, it just sounded sexy. ;)

I'm glad the author chose to deal with Ben's death as well. I have always been curious about how that played into Giles' departure, his guilt, and his pain post-season 5. If he was so worked up over the accidental death of a friend (remember the Dark Age? Randall?), then I would completely believe that he would have a very difficult time processing and moving beyond killing Ben. No matter how necessary it was, that is going to leave a psychological mark and that seems like something that would require a coven to deal with. I need that in a good fic....mine have yet to deal well with this element!

I must say, these 2 lines = pure love: "She heaved a heartfelt sigh, snuggling in as close as she could get. Which couldn't have been much closer, short of major surgery." BAHAHA!

The ending is truly beautiful. It bookends nicely with the arrival of Mac and the tentative calm that is forming for Buffy and Giles. There's also just a hint of future bliss...oh what would I give to have a sequel?!?

In short, I love this fic, and would love to know other thoughts and comments! : )