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19 November 2013 @ 02:55 pm
Fic of the Week: Tenderly Ripped Apart by Cap, rating NC-17/FRAO  
Sorry for being late. I had minor surgery yesterday (was able to drive myself too and from), and was coping with some soreness and a bit of a headache. I am feeling better today.

This week's fic is Tenderly Ripped Apart by Cap, rating NC-17/FRAO.
Summary: Glistening bodies and sweltering heat. Buffy and Giles are trapped in a very confined space... together. The heat is getting to them and maintaining any kind of resolve becomes extremely difficult.
Setting: Set after season 3. No mentions of season 4.

Please feel free to lend your thoughts and reviews to the rest of the class by leaving a comment below. 
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darkgreenfangirl: Rupert Gilesdarkgreenotaku on November 30th, 2013 01:24 am (UTC)
I'M ALIVE!!! *Digs self out of piles of papers*. So yeah Hi guys! Guess who is in the finally weeks of her university semester? Me that's who. God I missed all you guys, I sad to see there is no chat this weekend, but I be here for the next one.
Now then review. I think I spent the majority of this fic going, "HAVE SEX ALREADY, JESUS". I came for the smut fic, that is all I came for. This fic in general was kind of meh, the writing was meh, the plot was meh(done before and the fanfic really didn't do anything new with it), and also no protection again. Which if you know me is my biggest gripe with alot of fanfic. I also don't like how it was Anya that locked them in a cave. Um, I sure you had good intentions doll, but the air in a close space only lost a short while. You could have killed your friends. I don't know, its just her actions feel more like a murders then a matchmaker. Seriously just do the closet thing, it gets sex faster and their is two sources of air (the hole at the bottom of the door), and the vent.
So yeah I didn't like this one. It didn't piss me off though, so there's that. XD
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