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16 July 2013 @ 12:18 am
Fic of the Week Poll  
Here are the two fics that were recommended this past weekend.

By Any Other Name by Missparker85, Rating FRT/PG-13
     Summary: Rebuilding the Council is one thing, rebuilding the relationship is another thing entirely.
     Setting: Post Season 7

Forever by Gail Christison, Rating FRAO/NC-17
     Summary: Buffy has been having nightmares since the events of Restless, but there is more to it than just bad dreams.
     Setting: Post Season 4

Poll #1924219 Yay Another Poll!
This poll is closed.

What strikes your fancy to read next week?

By Any Other Name by Missparker85
Forever by Gail Christison

I'll let this poll go for the entire week. :)